Friday, July 26, 2013

Me, Myself, and I are having a conversation

And as fate would have it, I'm talking to myself. But that's okay, seeing as I've been to busy doing other things to really write a blog on a schedule. I sure hope if I end up with fans someday that they'll forgive me for not paying this thing too much attention. It's not that I don't care, but let's face it. I'd rather be writing.

Speaking of which--and since I enjoy talking to myself--book #3 is done. Sadly, I'm at a spot where I don't want to be. I'm talking cliffhanger territory. I HATE it when a book ends in a cliffhanger, but there was no avoiding it in this case. But, keep in mind that #3 is a first draft, so that could always change.
So where am I at in the whole series? Well, if all goes well, it'll be more than a trilogy like I had first planned. If all doesn't go well, then the few folks who bought my book might hate that I canceled the series the way I did. But only time will tell.

More important, I'm in the process of finding an editor for book #1. I need to do one more read through, especially of the first few chapters because I went from third person to first person through the first third of the book and I'm not sure if I cleaned up all of the POV switches.

Okay, dinner is done, so it's time to eat. We're eating a little late tonight, which is one of those things I hate as much as I do cliffhangers. Go figure.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Does anyone know how to generate blog traffic? I've heard that you need to blog everyday. Well...that's not going to happen. Sorry guys, but I have a day job, too. And given the choice, I'd rather be writing than blogging.

I've heard so many stories about writers who have all of these ideas and ways to generate traffic to their blogs. I've also heard that what works for one person doesn't always work for someone else. So why chase a moving target?

So, if it's okay with everyone (or whoever's out there), I'll try to blog at least once a week. I can't promise anything, but I'm pretty sure my blogs won't be too much longer than this one. Oh, and you can bet some of this stuff will probably be scheduled to stretch out my time and make it seem like I'm sticking to my guns about blogging once a week.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I do have a Twitter account. It's I have Facebook, too, but I'm not so sure if I'm ready to share it. Whenever I think about all of the latest and greatest networking tools and whether or not I should do them, it's like a slow-entry bullet to the brain. But if you're really inclined, check out my website for my FB address. I just can't promise I'll always be posting anything there. The only reason why I'm sharing my Twitter account is because it likes posts that are short and sweet.

Thanks for stopping by!