Saturday, September 19, 2015

Overdue Update - Station 51

There will be a fourth book. I swear. But unless my schedule frees up, it might not come out until June 2016. My first attempt at the fourth book turned out terrible. At least, I thought it had. The second one wasn't too much better. In all honesty, I had lost my direction. But it's coming back and so is my focus for this series. So, there will be a fourth book. And if I have my way about it, I won't stop there.

Now, there is some good news. If I can get some other projects completed that I'm currently working on, there's a good chance that I'll be able to release by the end of the year. But again, that depends on my other projects as well as if I can get an editor and the cover art done in a reasonable amount of time. So, keep your fingers crossed.

Oh, and before I forget, a HUGE thank you to all of those who have purchased my book and left incredible reviews on Amazon. I couldn't be happier with the results and hope you continue to enjoy my Project Solstice series.

As always, don't forget to check out my website at for the latest news. In fact, I might get around to updating that before I will my blog. Sad, but true.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Cons

I'm a huge fan of sci-fi/fantasy conventions. One of the best places to check out any conventions that are coming is Science Fiction Conventions. It's a pretty good list of what's going on throughout the country and makes it easier to find a convention near you. These conventions are regional conventions, which means they're probably smaller with perhaps 2000 attendees at most, give or take. I haven't attended them all, so I really don't know.

The last one I attended as DragonCon and it was incredible. I made some great friends and contacts there, friendships I even have to this day. Not only that, but I've followed the careers of people I normally wouldn't.The only drawback is that it's big and can be overwhelming at times. But if you can stand hanging out with 30,000 like-minded geeks, then you'll be in heaven.

Another convention is the unbelievable ComicCon. San Diego or New York makes no difference. Your face will be stuck in awestruckness with the number of stars from both TV, Movies, books, gaming, manga, etc. that are there. Now granted I think both of these started off as comic book conventions, but they've grown to become a staple in the sci-fi fantasy community.Let's face it. I'd have to be a NY Times Bestselling author to get a spoke at a guest at either of these two conventions. So stock up on my books! Yeah, that was a shameless plug. ;)

Some other conventions that I've heard of that are good for readers, though I can't swear to that. The few I'd talked to people about, they're more author-centric than reader-centric. Now, I like to hang out with my fellow authors as much as the next person, but I'd prefer to invest the majority of my time in readers. So, it might be a while before you see me at a convention. Anyway, here's a list of reader conventions...

Book Expo America (BEA) - This is a book trade show that's a staple in the publishing world.
IndieReCon - It's all about indie publishers and self-published authors. This is one I'd LOVE to attend as a guest someday.
RT Booklovers Convention - This is sponsored by Romantic Times, but from my understanding, it's not just about romance books. It's about multiple genres, including sci-fi.

One thing to keep in mind is that these things can be very expensive. So, if you plan to go to one, make sure you plan to spend at least $1500, if not more when you consider the registration fees, hotels, food, travel expenses, etc. That's not the case with IndieReCon, since it's all online. So that one gets my highest props.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm Here I'm Here

Thank goodness for a snow day in NC. I can finally catch up on some stuff that I've been working on.

So what exactly have I been working on? Nothing much, unfortunately. My non-writer life has caught up and forced me to take a hiatus for a little bit. Just a few personal issues I need to work through--nothing serious. Tedious, but not bad. And before you say anything, they have nothing to do with inaction on my part. More like a case of when it rains it pours.

Anyway, the hiatus has given me a chance to think more about Space 51 and I realized I had a major problem that I need to work through. Writer's block on top of that doesn't help. I find the best way to get rid of writer's block is to start editing from the beginning of the story so I can work through the rough spots.

One thing is certain. I want this thing released within the next two or three months. Sooner, if I have my way about it.

In the mean time, I've gotten some more great reviews for Section 51 and couldn't be happier. I especially like the title of the most recent review from Mike D. who writes "If X-Files and Supernatural had a Child". Two of my all-time favorite shows; I couldn't be more flattered. :-)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Son of a B****

Overall, I have some really good reviews out there for the Project Solstice series. Readers have been really digging into the books, and overall, enjoying what they've read so far. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see the wonderful things being said.

However...there have been a few reviews that concern me. There's a lot or profanity in my books, which isn't typical of what comes off my tongue and more than what I hear in everyday life. What can I say? I write with my emotions on high, so I can experience as much through my characters' eyes as possible, but at the same time, my filter gets chucked to the curb. As one of my reviewers pointed out, the profanity is unnecessary. My goal is to reach as wide an audience as possible, including young adults. Not put everyone off.

So for this, I sorry. I've already addressed the issue in each book on each platform. It'll take some platforms a little longer (i.e. iTunes) to make the change than others (i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo). That's one fantastic thing about ebooks. You can change them and readers will be able to access the changes without any problems.

Now, that's not so say I deleted all of the swearing because there were some instances in which they were necessary, given the situation. However, I was able to cut about 90% of the "filler" words in each book. That's a lot.

So going forward anyone who has any concerns about the profanity, it's been taken care of.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I'm Floored by

I created a Google Alert because I know that's one of the best ways to see if someone might be pirating your book. I had completely forgotten that it's also used to see if there are any mentions across the web, which means reviews, discussions, etc. So needless to say, I was absolutely floored to see Section 51 posted on the Check out the article here:

That first line plastered a smile on my face so large that I remembered what it was like to open up a Christmas gift and see that Santa had gotten me exactly what I had asked for.
Fans of supernatural/paranormal literature, of vampire or werewolf stories, and of the science-fiction genre – V. G. Harrison has one novel to satisfy all of you.
A huge thank you to the folks at the Examiner for the kind words. Though I haven't gone through all of the comments yet, thanks to everyone for the support. It's things like this that make me love Project Solstice all the more. I truly feel as though I'm on the right path.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Space 51, Where Are You?

As you might have guessed, now that Unit 51 has been released, I've turned my attention to working on Space 51. Seeing as I had done the unthinkable by ending Unit 51 on a cliffhanger, which I thought was necessary because that base was no longer the focus, I feel the need to get Space 51 out as soon as possible. My goal was no later than the end of the month.

So what's the problem? Space 51 has just taken a turn I didn't see coming. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great turn. In fact, it opened the door for more short stories and/or novellas to come in the Project Solstice series and possibly introduce the world from other perspectives.

Okay, so...what's the problem?  It also means I'm not sure if I'll make the end of the month deadline. Trust me, I want to for marketing's sake. But the choices are to speed up the story and get something out on time for all of those new tablet owners or take however much time is necessary to tell a quality story and show my readers how much I love the world I've created and want them to do the same. I choose quality over speed. But, that doesn't mean I'm throwing in the towel yet. I'll  have to see what happens and keep you guys posted.

In the mean time, keep an eye on my word meter on the sidebar. Oh, and in case you're wondering about TBD, it has to do with a spinoff series I've been thinking about doing.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Release Day for UNIT 51

It's release day for Unit 51 and I couldn't be more excited! Or anxious depending upon how you look at it. I'll be updating this blog after my 5:00pm work day with where it's available and links to get there. The same will go for my website. BUT...if I've done my linking right on my homepage, you should be able to click on any of the retailer links, which will bring you to a page where all of my books are available, including Unit 51.

By the way, I've changed up the blurb a tad. Hopefully, it's better.

The aliens have stepped up their game via a series of pinpointed EMP attacks, starting with the weapons research base Unit 51. Like the base, Ava learns just how vulnerable she is after another EMP strike not only cuts her off from Ian 2, but crashes her plane. Her only hope for rescue is a small, Canadian town where the residents are werewolves.

They know about Project Solstice, and they're not the only ones. Dozens of supernaturals have joined forces to share not only their technological advances, but to prepare for a confrontation with Project Solstice. When an EMP barrage is launched on the supernaturals’ “safe ground”, it’s proof that the real war is with everyone on Earth regardless of their race.

A temporary truce has humans and supernaturals joining forces. But is anyone safe with paranoia, bigotry, and treachery running rampant among the Unit 51 ranks? Will Ava stay off an alien dissection table after mentally connecting with the alien war ship?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Cover Reveal - Unit 51

Here is it! The cover for Project Solstice, book #3. Look for it in e-book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords on Tuesday, December 10th.

Now that Ava Frost has found her place with Project Solstice, the aliens have decided to step up their agenda via a series of pinpointed EMP attacks. The first target they choose is the most advanced base on the planet. Unit 51. Like the base, Ava learns just how vulnerable she is after a second EMP strike not only cuts her off from her computerized guardian, Ian 2, but crashes her plane and the cybernetic implant in her brain.
Ava is captured by a werewolf pack who knows more than they should about Project Solstice, and they're not the only ones. Dozens of supernaturals have joined forces to share not only their technological advances, but prepare for a possible confrontation. When an EMP barrage on the supernaturals’ “safe ground” shows the aliens aren't taking sides, it’s proof that the real war is with everyone on Earth.
A temporary truce forces humans and supernaturals to team up. But is anyone safe with paranoia, bigotry, and treachery running rampant among the Unit 51 ranks? Will Ava and Ian 2 be able to find the answers they need to save the base when she can't even save herself from the humans who are finally approved to experiment on her?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Fantastic Review for Section 51

Here's a fabulous review from Dead Trees Review for Section 51. Thanks for reviewing my book!

"First of a series, this science fiction/paranormal novel is about Ava Frost, part of a set of triplets. She has always had a strong empathic connection with her brother, Ian, until the day that he "disappears." She heads for the small town of Willow Falls to get some answers.

It all has to do with a bit of Native American folklore about people called skinwalkers, who can turn into animals, and back again. Ava knows, almost on arrival, that something is really wrong. She meets Ian at a local restaurant, but she knows that this is not her brother. The usual empathic connection is gone. She soon learns that Ian was killed two months previously, and his death was covered up.

Ava suddenly finds herself in the middle of a super-secret government program called Section 51 (yes, it's an offshoot of Area 51). It involves using genetic engineering to intentionally turn people into skinwalkers. She also runs into Colonel Briggs, the megalomaniac who runs the program. His intention is to create an army of such soldiers. Ian was working on a sort of skinwalker GPS system, and it's up to Ava to re-create his steps and bring it online. Briggs wants it very much, and there isn't anything he won't do to get total control over the skinwalkers.

This story is surprisingly good. It's very easy to read, it moves very quickly, and it will certainly keep the reader, whether science fiction or paranormal fan, very interested."

Monday, November 18, 2013

I've Been Interviewed

Hey, everyone! Check out my first interview at Author Hour. I'm talking about writing, Project Solstice and a few other things.

In other news, I'm hoping to have an update of Unit 51 and Space 51 soon. I just need to get through the usual promo stuff that I'm lining up in the weeks to come.