Saturday, September 19, 2015

Overdue Update - Station 51

There will be a fourth book. I swear. But unless my schedule frees up, it might not come out until June 2016. My first attempt at the fourth book turned out terrible. At least, I thought it had. The second one wasn't too much better. In all honesty, I had lost my direction. But it's coming back and so is my focus for this series. So, there will be a fourth book. And if I have my way about it, I won't stop there.

Now, there is some good news. If I can get some other projects completed that I'm currently working on, there's a good chance that I'll be able to release by the end of the year. But again, that depends on my other projects as well as if I can get an editor and the cover art done in a reasonable amount of time. So, keep your fingers crossed.

Oh, and before I forget, a HUGE thank you to all of those who have purchased my book and left incredible reviews on Amazon. I couldn't be happier with the results and hope you continue to enjoy my Project Solstice series.

As always, don't forget to check out my website at for the latest news. In fact, I might get around to updating that before I will my blog. Sad, but true.