Sunday, September 8, 2013

Schedule Change? Already?!

Yeah. I should've known that I'd jinx myself as soon as I put up the schedule on Wednesday. Anyway, my promotion plans have fallen into a deep dark abyss, and I've spent this past weekend trying to come up with an alternative while refining a few things at the same time.

At this point, let's just say that my new schedule is going to look something like this until I can nail down specific dates. Worse case scenario, if I have to push everything out by a month, I still want to get the series out by the end of the year.

So for now, here you go. Again, the same rule applies. This is subject to change, but I'm hopeful it won't.

Section 51 - October 2013
Department 51 - November 2013
Unit 51 - December 2013
Station 51 - After Christmas 2013*

*That last date is iffy. If I can get it out sooner rather than later, I will. I hate letting projects linger over the holidays.

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